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Our offer:
Maintenance and spare parts delivery for
vial-washers and sterilizing tunnels

We take the liberty to introduce our company as follows:

Mr. Ronald Hoeseler had been working for the GILOWY company for more than 10 years as service manager and during this time he has visited many customers all over the world. He has not only installed the GILOWY equipment but has also set all machines to operation and has done all the repair work.
In 1993 Mr. Hoeseler has left the GILOWY company in order to establish his own business. Since then he is still visiting many customers worldwide who still appreciate his skillfulness and correctness.
In our stock we have many spare parts for the GILOWY machines and we are able to supply you with all parts within a short time and at reasonable prices.
In this connection we would like to mention that we do not only supply spare parts but that we are prepared to assist you in all technical questions which may arise at your end.
Moreover, we can solve all technical problems and can carry out all repair and maintenance work you may require. Also we want to point out that frequent cleaning of the sterilizing tunnels is urgently recommended. Mr. Hoeseler is very skilled in solving heat and particle problems which particularly appear with older tunnels ( approx. 5-20 years old ). These problems cannot be detected in the cold state of the tunnel, so that many customers do not even know about it.

We would much appreciate having the chance to receiving your inquiry so that you may see that we are a reliable and serious enterprise having only one goal:
To keep your existing GILOWY equipment in good operation and function.

We strongly hope to hear from you as soon as you have an inquiry and are looking forward to a satisfying and fruitful cooperation.

Ronald Hoeseler GmbH

Some of the machine types we service:
Washer type 10 Washer type 11 Washer type 12 Sterilizing tunnel type 35 Labor washer

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Tel. Technik:+49-30  49 77 12 25
Fax:+49-30  49 77 12 45
eMail: ronald@hoeseler.com

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